Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mokia Phones are here, MoQuaKia around the corner

With Microsoft & Nokia strategic alignment announcement, a big wave is created for Win7 to be a noticeable player in mobile phone market. In 2010, Nokia announced Intel partnership to jointly develop Meego, which Nokia clearly is abandoning (not completely) with "Mokia" announcement. In 2009, Nokia announced mends with Qualcomm with Snapdragon chips in Nokia phones and since then Qualcomm has worked hard to optimize Snapdragon for Win OS as well along with Android. But till date there are no big announcements from Nokia for Snapdragon. Qualcomm story could be overplayed as all main mobile processors strive to optimize for both Win7 & Android, including Nvidia Tegra2, Texas Instruments, etc. Its a matter of time till we hear Qualcomm/ Microsoft/ Nokia - MoQuakia phones.

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